Home Extensions


Design is the process of creating the extension that you aspire to add to your home. The appearance! The style! The statement! This process takes your ideas and inspirations and combines them with functionality, structural integrity and budget. What do you want your new space to provide for you? Cubit creates extensions for you that have the size, specification, layout and style that specifically suit your needs.

What inspires you?

Some of our clients are already very sure of the look and style that they love. So maybe for you this is a new room that perfectly matches your existing style and materials of your home. More often, style conscious home owners are looking to create an extension that displays their sense of individuality and flair. Your space will do more than perform all the required functions; it will have a sense of theatre and drama! Perhaps you might like the use of contrasting high quality external facings/claddings or maybe a shape that declares the beauty of your extension, rather than matching it to your existing appearance?

The great thing is that you have choices and the ability to expand your selection beyond the norm. Your inspiration may be being taken from the pages of a stylish magazine. Maybe you’re still searching for inspiration in which case we can work with you to create a completely new concept that is entirely yours. How exciting! We have designers and architects that understand the process of one-off designs, as well as the flexibility and potential of the SIP panel system of building that we employ.


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The Cubit Team